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United States
I am an artist and a writer.

I write short stories about a small town off the map called Pit Hole Town that's full of rednecks and strange characters.

Here are some Batman stories I've been working on

Batman Beyond: The Return of Two-Face (done)
Batman Beyond: The Return of Poison Ivy (done)
Batman Beyond: Azrael Beyond (working on)
Batman: The Animated Series episode Near-Apocalypse of 09
Batman: The Animated Series episode Nocturna
Batman: The Animated Series episode The Revenge of Calendar Girl and The Scarecrow

The Dark Knight Strikes Again re-imagining: Plot: Superman and Wonder Woman fight new Afghan versions of The Royal Fish Gang that inculde King and Queen, as well as a Jack, Ten and Ace. They are on a suicide mission to blow up a nuclear power plant and succeed in carrying out the biggest terrorist attack on America that changes it's laws on Superman, the Justice League, and Batman. Darkseid is the dictator of Iraq and threatens to blow up America with Earth's nuclear bombs. The President is original character that asks Superman and the Justice League to capture or kill Darkseid and his army of Parademons. When Superman tries to ask Batman he turns him down because he's not ready training his batboys for war. When Batman's ready to strike again he unleashes his army on Gotham to fight two of Batman's old foes who resurface, an older Scarecrow and Bane carry out terrorist attacks throughout Gotham City. In the end, Batman uses a liquefied form of Superman's DNA that will grant him all his superpowers for 24 hours to fight Wonder Woman who thinks Batman killed Superman. Other Justice League friends and foes appear such as Vandal Savage, Lobo, Green Arrow, the Question, and Black Canary. Superman friends and foes appear that includes Lex Luthor, Supergirl, and Lana Lang. Batman friends and foes make guest appearances that include Talia al Ghul, Commissioner Ellen Yindel, James Gordon, and Barbara Gordon.

The Joker Rises: What if Heath Ledger didn't die and was once again the main villain of The Dark Knight Rises? This is the story of what could have been the opening scene and would would feature The Joker's clown henchmen breaking the Joker out of Arkham Asylum. It would also feature Christina Ricci as Dr. Harleen Quinzel.

The Dark Knight Rises changes and new scenes: A trailer description that features scenes from both the actual The Dark Knight Rises and scenes that would improve the movie. Changes that would include more fights with Bane, Tom Sizemore as Detective Harvey Bullock, an interrogation scene with Bruce Wayne who has his identity exposed as Batman, a Catwoman and Talia al Ghul fight scene, Bane blowing up the football stadium with everyone in it, and Bane using big guns and rocket launchers against Gotham City and it's police department. The biggest change would be no Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Detective John Blake or Robin because I felt there was no need for the character that's nothing more than a nod to Robin.

Shadow of The Dark Knight: Batman story about how to make the origin Mr. Freeze and Harley Quinn work in a movie

The Apprentice of The Dark Knight: a dark and more realistic origin of how to make Robin work in a movie

The Dark Knights: a dark and more realistic origin of how to make Batgirl and Nightwing work in a movie

I drew a calendar about jungle animals

Here are some Christian bible calendars I plan to do

The Fall of Lucifer
The Temptation of Adam and Eve
The Temptation of the Christ
Beyond the Cross: The Journey into Hell
The Second Coming of the Christ

Here are some Bible stories I plan to write which would act as prequel and sequel to The Passion of the Christ.

The Testimony of the Christ (working on)
Beyond the Cross: The Journey into Hell
The Second Coming of the Christ

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Thanks for the fave! :)
Carollinae Dec 23, 2013  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
thank to fav :D
biggystarbuzz Dec 14, 2013  Professional Artist
Hi thanks for the favs !
Rexman1984 Dec 4, 2013   Digital Artist
High-res posters Bruce Timm style Batman movie posters!

Rexman1984 Nov 30, 2013   Digital Artist
real Bruce Timm model sheets.

Rexman1984 Nov 30, 2013   Digital Artist
And even more fan made Bruce Timm model sheets.…
Rexman1984 Nov 30, 2013   Digital Artist
and even more cool Bruce Timm model sheets or character sheets.…
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Kittyotic Nov 26, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
Welcome to the :iconbat-family::wave:
Rexman1984 Nov 24, 2013   Digital Artist
another great place to find fan made Bruce Timm style artwork

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